A cap for all: Research & Development Pt 1


To get started doing anything you need a purpose. Our purpose at LAST is to develop a better product for both entry-level and seasoned runners. Safety is an aspect I realise is lacking when many runners hit the roads, not to mention the trails. So we embarked on this project to build a cap that has an element of safety mixed into the design story.

We identified 3 personas: The newbie runner who wants to get into running but has little clue what he/she is in for; the casual runner who runs for leisure and has no affiliation with any running clubs; the serious runner who has a training program, including nutrition, and frequently does long runs and races. We went out and conducted interviews with all three types of runners. 

From the insights we found about how running caps are used and perceived, we drew these conclusions:

  • Safety means maximum visibility from day to night.
  • Comfort means wearing a cap and forgetting that it is on your head after a while.
  • Functional means that the cap can be used even after your run has ended - it still keeps you cool, or rather looking cool. Or if you prefer not, just fold, pack and stow it away.

And in the hot and humid tropics, breathability is essential - the material must wick sweat well and dissipate heat fast enough under the most gruelling conditions.

Research and note taking done using Miro boards. 

Market Research

Understanding what's out there, what's available; diving into the construct and make of different caps and headgear. Polyester vs cotton;  fluorescent vs reflective; antimicrobial vs odor repellent. Brands that make conscious efforts in sustainability, creating apparel from recycled materials. 

We found a gap (or so we think): Durable running gear that does not go out of shape or style, offered at a price point that is accessible to most, if not all runners. We aim to make a product that would last. No pun intended; would be nice though if a cap started more conversations around running.

Check back on the progress of our cap process.


Jonathan - LAST Running