LAST's Top 10 Video Countdown

As everybody's life has one way or another altered and changed from the current pandemic situation. With no races to look forward and switching up our daily run routines with some remote running on your treadmill, small group or solo runs. Let us all take a breather and watch some moving visuals. Here is a compilation of shows you can dig into and get inspired or widen your horizon about the running culture outside of your current running circle. Pop that popcorn bag and bring the beers. 



Forest Gump

Iten. Trying the training of Eliud Kipchoge. Running with the Kenyan elite

Breaking 2 (1st attempt)

INEOS 1:59 Challenge (2nd attempt)

Gun to Tape 


When running was for weirdos

The power of RUNNING CULTURE & RUNNING CREWS: NYC Marathon 2018


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