LAST Runner: Through the eyes of Mun

The debut edition of LAST Runner features MK. Singapore based full time photographer creating visual magic through the eyes of his lens. A master in his field with a new found love for the creative running culture. Here’s his vibe. 

"I have to remind myself to find the beauty in the struggle and power in the pain"  - Mun

Born and bred in Singapore.

What culture influences you most in your line of photography?
Well first and foremost I see photography as a personal challenge - just like running. And I use photography as a tool, to explore and learn about the world around me. And I came from the world of skateboarding and music, so I guess you can say I’m inspired by the energy and characters in that world.

Who inspires you in your work?
People / music / places / art / history / future / internet / reading random stuff on reddit haha
Inspiration comes in any form and at any time.

Can your creative style be described?
I reckon it depends on my mood and what I’m obsessed with at that time. I don’t have a fixed style per se, I just gravitate towards certain mood / vibe / people.

J Park for August Man / Shot by: Mun Kong


What objects or people do you love working with?
People who have a point of view, people who genuinely care and give a fuck.

Music currently on heavy rotation.
For work - Bill Murray’s Intense Studying Playlist 

Other artists:
Gil Scott Heron
Yussef Kamaal

These are just few artists on my list now but it changes every so often.

What does the running life mean to you?
I view running as a personal challenge, its what i use to continually push myself.

Let’s face it, I’m never going to race for a podium for any of the events I take part in, so the only competition I have is with myself and the biggest challenges I have at that moment in time are the course, my physical / mental well being, and what mother nature has to throw at me.

It’s in the moment. During the run, it can be very daunting - especially when you’re in so much pain and you’re dragging one foot in front of the other.  

I just have to remind myself to find the beauty in the struggle and power in the pain. Its about growing as a person and achieving something that you never thought possible.

Where can we find your work?
IG: xmunkongx
W: - WIP

Camera of choice.
Canon 1dxm2 for work. For everything else, any camera that you have on you is a good camera.

Running shoe of choice.
I’m current running with the ZoomFly FlyKnit.

Running goals for the year.
With everything thats happening around the world right now, all the races are cancelled. But the human race MUST NOT STOP MOVING, albeit with more love and empathy.

I aim to run a sub 10min for a 2.4km again this year, a sub 45min 10km, and if possible a sub 1.47 half marathon.

LAST RUNNING represents....the beauty and will to keep moving in an ever evolving world.


Words: Gerald Ang
Photos: Mun Kong, Jonathan Chan