Base Development: Concept

The best advice I have read about training in 2020, in the new reality we find ourselves in, is to cut off the top end of your training. You aren’t going to need top end speed or the ability to muscle through the tail end of the marathon, so don’t take the training, social and injury risk to maintain it. Just pull back, find joy in running and focus on developing your base as safely and enjoyably as is possible. 


Like a lot of people, I have found myself with a few extra hours in the day at the moment - a combination of not commuting, less (no) socializing and less interest in being out of the house. When considering the options of how I could productively use this time, the idea of base development came to mind. Not purely from a fitness standpoint but also from the perspective of knowledge and well being. Though I have spent a lot of time running over the years, I have spent a lot less time focusing on the things that surround it - I have never really nailed my nutrition or sleep patterns or mobility or anything else other than putting one foot in front of the other. 

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So during this time, we are going to take the time to explore some of the fringe aspects of our sport and share them with you all. We aren’t professionals by any stretch so the focus here will not be to find the truth but develop our understanding of it, to move towards the knowledge and insights that will enable us to continue to pursue ourselves for the long run.


 Jackson - LAST Running