A cap for all: MOLLE System Pt 4

MOLLE: Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment

First developed and introduced to the US Army in the 90's by Speciality Defense Systems, the MOLLE system had gone through several iterations and is now widely used in non-military equipment, such as securing or mounting pouches and safety lights on hiking backpacks and vests. 

It has even gained attention in the fashion industry, where designers use MOLLE webbing as an aesthetic if not functional element in techwear and utilitarian pieces.

In our last and final instalment of the 4 part development of the LAST running cap. LAST too has found a use for MOLLE: Securing a lightweight safety light to our running cap. 

Taking inspiration from features found in military and hiking equipment, we looked into different systems to secure a light to our cap such that there would be minimal movement while running.

We also considered which spot on the cap we should mount the light so as to provide maximum visibility to the runner, be it on the trails or on pedestrian pathways. 

With some testing, we decided to place the light on the back of the cap, right above the adjustable strap.

We put together a simple prototype by having a local seamstress sew a piece of reflective safety strap on the back of our cap in MOLLE fashion. The reflective strap alone provides high visibility under bright light and coupled with a safety light attachment, makes runners more visible to vehicles, cyclists and other pedestrians at twilight.

LAST caps available here.

Main photograph: Mun Kong


 Jonathan - LAST Running